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What is League Of Legends

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League Of Legends is Riot Games Inc. real time strategy game, Dot A series game.
It is regarded as the PC game with the most players in the world.
There are also a lot of professional gamers, and it is drawing attention as eSports (electronic sports).

Outline of the game

Purpose of the game

Players will separate into 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 and choose the champion (character) used by each player.
The purpose of the game is to cooperate with the players of the same team and to destroy each other's home called Nexus.

Flow of game progress

In order to destroy Nexus, we advance while destroying the tower that is placed on the road called lane.


Lane (the way to go to Nexus) is divided into TOP, MID, BOT, Jungler.
Each lane has its own characteristics, there are champions that match the lane and the influence on the game.


We call defensive equipment to protect nexus as turret.
It is installed in front of each lane and nexus and automatically attacks the approaching minion and champion.

(It is often written as "tower" to clarify the difference with the skill of heimerdinger Heimerdinger)

About charging

Basic play is free. Billing changes the appearance of the character, There is no difference in strength depending on the charge (important).
Winning or losing will be decided by the skill of the player, team strategy and tactics.
With this feature League Of Legentds is established as eSports.

Competition population

The world population is over 70 million, boasting 3 million simultaneous connections.

By the way, compared to sports with the most competitive population in the world

Rank Sports Title Population
1st place basketball 450 million people
2nd Football 250 million people
3rd place Cricket 100 million people
4th place tennis 110 million people
5th place Golf 65 million people

It will be the fifth most popular sport (eSports) in the world by taking the fifth place golf.

Pro gamer

There are also many professional gamers, some professional gamers earning tens of millions to hundreds of millions of yen.
In the LoL World Cup, the winning prize money was about 120 million yen.