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Everyone in Summoner will be grateful.
Today I would like to introduce the Mid Champions who behave in a straightforward manner to some extent for you, "I want to try Mid but I do not know what to use!"
We will also write build examples and standings so if you even look at this article I will leave for the Summoner's Lift!

Because it includes dogmatism and prejudice, even if there are champions that do not fit you do not have to be depressed.
It is one of the pleasure of this game to slowly find a champion that suits me.
Let's advance the way to step by step!

Mid beginner,
Learning of lane fighting - Mid Laner ed. - ( )
If you do not see it yet, you may want to look at it!

Timing when this article was written ...... Ver 6.22



Introduction of characters and builds

First of all, if you say that it is easy to use to a certain degree and is strong, I'd like to introduce this little girl.
Contrary to its lovely appearance, it is a terrible mage that melts enemies with evil CC and instant firepower.
The skill is easy to understand and you will be able to handle it as soon as you get used to Passive's specifications.
ULT is also very powerful, you can make a big change in the flow of the game with one of her fingertips.
It is a very suitable champion to feed the feeling of carry. Moreover, it is cheap! (450 IP)

Skill Order: R> Q> W> E (Raises priority from the left)

Summoner Spell: Flash + Ignite

Keystone (Summoner Level 18 or higher): The thunder statue

Core Building: Rod of Ages → Ruden Echo → Labadon · Deathcap

It would be better to have APs in order to make use of high APratio.
The strength and mana can also be raised at the same time Rod of Agis stabilizes.

Turn around at the lane ~ Target a solo kill! ~

Ideally, while taking CS with AA it is ideal to harass the opponent with Q, but if you are not used to taking CS with mage AA you can use Q for CS.
If you take CS with Q, mana for the cost of Q recovers and CD is canceled half. With this Q, CS is an easy categories within mages :)
When Passive 's stack accumulates, let' s go out beforehand, let 's go to Q → walk a bit W → (AA) to harass. If there are many opponent minions, you do not need to enter AA. I will eat the minion's counterattack counterattack.
However, let's remember that if you insert AA firmly it will activate the thunder statue.

After learning LL 6 and learning ULT, you can aim for a solo kill.
If the partner's health is less than 70%, if you accumulate the stack and put in the flash → ULT → Q → W → Ignite it is roughly a solo kill.
When setting up, if you stop the stack at 3 to press and kill the nursing, and if your opponent gets even a little careless, E → flash in is recommended!

Fight around in collective battle ~ Raise it to ULT! ~

Always think about how to shoot the flash-in ULT with the passive accumulated, involving the opponent's carry team.
I will not hesitate if there is a chance!
If you give out a ping before entering it, your friend will react easily.

When the opponent's carry team is far away but the opponent's tank gets oryed, let it be stunned with Q or W with a stack and kite it with a friendly ADC.
Let's do our best and turn the skill and once again stack up, let's aim at the opponent's carry team.


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Introduction of characters and builds

It is not a corner to recommend a cute girl, but ...
Mid has many girl characters for some reason. And Top is a Musashi and Jungle is a beast.
Well, such a story is irrelevant. Let's talk about Early.
Early is a slightly different type of mage than Annie introduced earlier.
If Annie is an AOE burst type, Early is a direction designated DPS type. Moreover, it also has high mobility by ULT.
If you feel that Annie does not fit your skin it might be nice to try.

Skill Order: R> Q> W> E

Summoner Spell: Flash + Ignite

Keystone (Summoner Level 18 or higher): The thunder statue

Core Building: Moreronomicon → Luden Echo → Labadon · Deathcap

It is recommended to increase push and Kite performance with Ruden echo while supplementing mana, CD and fire power with Moreronomicon.
If necessary, let's also look at Hourglass and Abysal Ceptor.

Round at the lane ~ Take a skill shot! ~

Since AA motion is quite excellent in mages, taking CS with AA should not be a pain to that much.
If you try to hit Haras with the tip of Q, you can also avoid the opponent, and you can expect damage. The trick is to aim for the moment your opponent takes CS. When Q touches both return trips, you will activate the command of Raiden just by inserting AA.
Let's not use W or E for minions. It will be hard to deplete mana. If you have a blue buff, there are times when you use W for pushing.
However, E's charm is a life line for Eri, so you should not use it lightly. Let's shoot for an enemy champion absolutely.
If E hits the enemy champion, shoot down to Q → AA and quickly fall down, if you remove it Let's do a safe play until E CD goes up.

As soon as you learn ULT by becoming Lv 6, the playing range of Early spreads widely.
If you sharpen HP with halas you may go with the aim of killing with a combo such as R → E → Q (AA) → R → W → Ignite (AA) → R (AA) etc. And with the Q that has gone up in level It is also strong to push quickly to set up a Gank on another lane.
Even if you get the opponent's Gank you can avoid basically if there is ULT so you may try playing aggressively.
There may be people who think "it is difficult to combo with R combo ...?", The point is that it is only necessary to move to the position where E hit R and then ALL IN after hitting E.
If you get used to it you will be able to do it smoothly!

Standing in collective battle ~ DPS and assassin ~

Early Q's returning route (returning Q) is TrueDamage (fixed damage confirmed ignoring the opponent's ARMR), and the moving speed also increases at the moment when you shoot further, so it's best to kite Tank.
You can aim at the enemy carry with mobility by ULT, you can also Kite with ADC or you can disturb your opponent's CC with ULT, but there are lots of things you can do anyway.
Let 's use the DPS by short, excellent Q by Q and the burst from E well.

When it becomes possible to move according to the composition of the ally and the partner, it becomes feeling like a good early.
It is a good champion that learns quick situation judgment.

This article is here!
Builds of this game, especially items change at all, so I think I will write articles about items someday. (Or write a detailed build guide by champion)
The items above are choosing highly versatile ones, so if you do not understand well please load it!

Well good LoL life :)


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