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League of Legendsは
In one of the most played games
More than 70 million people are playing in the whole world

Future enjoying e-Sports over Sport

2ez.io is a service for sharing knowledge and techniques on e-sports, and for everyone to level up. 2ez means "too easy (too easy!)" In the slang of the net game. We will support the high threshold e-Sports so that you can think "It's too easy!"


Let's find articles on games and techniques. You can improve the level by referring to articles written by everyone.


Please post your knowledge and experience. By gathering articles on this service more people can enjoy e-Sports.

Proto Type

Currently 2ez.io is beta version. In the future, we will prepare the foundation of service, including full text search, and add functions specific to LoL and other eSports titles.

Feature introduction of 2ez.io not found in other services

Automatic Link to wiki

In the article you reported to 2ez.io, Link is automatically attached to the word registered in the wiki. You can also see the first overview with a mouseover. This makes it a very easy-to-see system for those who do not know many net game slangs, game-specific words and terms.

Automatically update LoL's latest information

Currently undergoing intensive implementation. 2ez.io will automatically update the information on "Free Champion of the Week" and Champion Item · Summoner using LoL's API.

Gamer Profile

Currently undergoing intensive implementation. 2ez.io can acquire level · rank · battle record etc using LoL's API. By posting this information as a profile portfolio you will be able to branch as a gamer.

E-Sport convention

Currently diligently preparing. 2ez.io is planning an offline online convention of e-Sports including LoL. In Japan, the eSports convention is very few compared to overseas, and the prize money is also small. We are seriously working on this issue and we are planning to build a foundation where many professional gamers can specialize in Japan

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